Furniture in your home can take quite the beating, and depending on the fabric this can be a HUGE problem.

At Top Spot Cleaning we can do both WET and DRY cleaning of furniture. This is great for those sensitive fabrics.

Most furniture is soft surface. Smells, sirt and stains are absorbed.  Most furniture is also not white oe anywhere close to it. Earth tones are used so you don’t notice the dirt. You know what the bottom of your swiffer pad looks like after a couple of passes around the room? That is probably similar to what is really going on with the couch and chairs.

We can get them clean-er. If your furniture has seen better says or is years old and never cleaned, we will do our best but cannot promise it will look new.  If you spot clean with a soapy or sudsy product, you may have set some of the dirt or stain.  Our soap-free cleans soap out of carpet and upholstery. We know when it has been cleaned with soap because it will foam up as we clean.

Why would we clean out soap? Doesn’t soap clean? Well, yes and no. Soap leaves a residue. The residue picks up dirt which get s dirty sooner. We use a sodium based product which takes the residue out and leaves behind a clean. soft surface. The product is pet safe and child safe. Pets can lick their paws after walking on it and will be fine.

Yes,  we do use water on places that are not dry clean only fabrics.  If it takes a lot to get it clean, it will take longer to day.  More water equals wetter.   Get your fans out.