Oh, the stories we could tell of the places we have seen. Some haven’t had carpet cleaned for a decade. Others may have had a service in the week before and were unhappy with the results. Whatever the reason to call, our industry experts are always ready to give 100% to get those carpets as clean as they can be.

Many property managers may think tearing out and replacing carpet between tenants is the only option, but Top Spot has changed their mind. The Procyon Soap-Free solution we use cleans soap out of carpet and can remove most stains. Did you know that soap leaves residue which re-tracks faster? Dirt from your feet, shoes, pets, etc. all stick to the leftover soapy residue. We clean the soap out and remove that residue to keep your carpets and rugs cleaner for longer.

So, how does it work? First, contact us or give us a call. Doug will schedule a time to come out and preview your needs. He’ll let you know if the carpet needs to be replaced or if it’s something we can get clean – for much less money than replacement. Once that’s been decided he will schedule a time to get those carpets cleaned! Don’t for get the carpeted steps and the furniture too! And that big area rug.

Common Questions:

Should I vacuum before Top Spot Cleaning comes to clean my carpets?
Yes, while we will vacuum for you it is in your best money-saving interests to do so before we get there. You clean the loose soil, we will clean the deeper soil.

Do we need to move our furniture?
Unless you or your pets have found a way to get the area under the furniture dirty, then no. No sense in cleaning what hasn’t had the chance to be dirty.

If you want to use this as an opportunity to rearrange your furniture, then yes, you can remove the furniture.

Chances are any piece moved will leave dig marks. They don’t “clean out” but even just vacuuming slowly over the fibers it will help them to stand back up.

Tip: place ice cubes on the sunken areas to melt. Once melted lightly scrub with a towel to loosen the fibers. When dry, vacuum. It might take some time, but most will recover.

How will soil level affect my price?
The best carpet to clean is clean carpet, that means lightly soiled, not 5 years of grime. The lighter the soil level the less water that is needed to be applied to clean and the less time.

A heavily soiled carpet may take up to 5x the amount of time, and therefore will have a higher price tag.

Tip: if you accidentally stain your carpet immediately dilute the stain with water. Then blot it with a towel. Repeat this process until the stain is clean. If you just blot the stain without diluting the stain can be pressed deep into the fibers and into the padding and flooring beneath.