After over 30 years in the business you learn a thing or two, and one major thing we’ve learned: products matter. Doug has tried many of cleaners over the years, many of which failed his personal quality tests.

We are distributors of the products we use because we want them available to others who can use them. We sell to other carpet cleaners, home owners who want to use their own machine, and contractors who would rather not sub out a job. The more the merrier.

As you click through the website and the pictures on the different pages, you will see why we love the products we use. They do a great job and ares afe to use. We don’t show up in hasmat gear to clean your carpets, your tile and grout, or seal your driveway.

Procyon is an eco friendly, pet-safe, child safe, sodium based, soap free product. Soap based products tend to leave residue behind, which attracts new dirt and can make your carpet, rugs, and upholstered furniture look dirty again shortly after cleaning.  You can use it in your home or commercial cleaner. The manufacturer brochure tells you to use their product because that is marketing. Your machine won’t know the difference, but your carpet will.

Simix is a high pH product that has so many uses. Microbes cannot sit on it so they die. This makes the environment healthy.  From restaurants or hospitals to driveways and roofs, this is a very versatile company with great products. We sealed the basketball court and wood floors with Simix. We have other products that do the job depending on the your needs. Simix is what we used in front of the restaurant.

Benefect Botinical Disinfectant is amazing! It is a thyme-based liquid that smells like citrus and herb. Some say it smells like pizza, others say it has no smell. We sell this by the pint or the gallon. Even California EPA standards give it approval. Benefect is also a mold remediator. It is what we used on the power washed house

(Cl02) Chlorine Dioxide is crazy amazing. Our fruits and vegetables are washed with it. It is in our drinking water to help destroy bacteria, viruses and some types of parasites that can make people sick.  We sell stabilized tablets which have a long shelf life. You can dissolve it in water and spray your surfaces to help keep them germ fee. It also comes in a larger form which is used by a quilaifying company to gas homes, offices, laboratories, or even motor homes and busses. The air system will be sanitizezed as well as every surface – hard or soft.

We use it in homes where the previous owner had pets odors that remained after moving out. Personally, we used it last year in our basement. We don’t get water but has a moisture issue due to lack of air circulation that left corners of the basement and anything stored nearby with mildew. We wiped down the hard surfaces and gassed the lower level of the house and a few hours later all of the odor was gone. Many months later and still no musty basement smell.

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