Chlorine Dioxide: Chlorine Dioxide (Cl02) is a very versatile product.  Chlorine Dioxide is a sanitizer. This product is super safe to use in its proper forms.

It is used in our water systems and to spray our fruits to disinfect. It can be used as a gas to kill off mold spores, smoke and pet odors. It is used in laboratories for clean rooms and through air filtration systems. Some duct cleaners use this product also.

We sell packets for residential or small office use that have an extended shelf life. You can dissolve in water to spray surfaces to sanitize.

There are also the tablets we sell to a qualified company to gas a large space like a house, motor home, or bus. The air filtration can be sanitized as well to keep germs respreading. Gassing will reach every surface and crevice.

With chlorine in the name, it smells like a swimming pool right away and that goes away as it dries. Here is a link to great information: chlorine-dioxide-_-use-benefits-and-chemical-safety-facts