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Top Spot Cleaning & Solutions Too Introduces a New Superior Air Filtration System

Top Spot Cleaning & Solutions Too’s air management division now offers you a solution for quality air management for hundreds of dollars instead of the thousands people spend to replace or install in-line electrostatic systems.

Top Spot is excited to introduce Sanders Electrostatic Filters, HVAC air filters with capture rates far exceeding the EPA and ASHRAE indoor air quality guidelines (8-10 MERV). Sanders Electrostatic Filters are rated at 16 MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value), which safely secure facilities and school systems. These high-efficiency particulate containment air filters remove 94% or greater of submicron particulates or more in a single pass, with filtration efficiencies at 0.3 microns. This innovative material represents the simplest, most cost-effective method to achieve HEPA or near HEPA indoor air quality for the first time.

The current filters that are used in almost all residential and commercial systems are exclusively used to protect the coil of the HVAC system, providing purely a mechanical function. These filters do little to nothing to protect from the sub-micron pathogens that can travel through the HVAC system, possibly infecting people who would never come into contact. Most commercial and residential air filters are rated as a MERV 8 maximum. Even air filters rated MERV 10 are not rated for submicron air filtration which is the size of COVID-19, influenza, colds, measles, viruses, etc. A MERV level 13 air filter which is being discussed as a new minimum standard has only a submicron filtration efficiency rating of less than 50%. This is why Sanders Electrostatic Filters are unmatched in quality. The European Union has even classified the filters as a Class II medical device.

Top Spot Cleaning & Solutions Too offers two different types of immediate sub-micron air filtration solutions, in addition to their permanent HVAC Total Protection System (TPS). Sanders Electrostatic Filters can be installed in most existing HVAC systems without modification or utilized on-demand as a portable submicron Air Mover System (AMS) for any sized room, hall, gymnasium, or arena. They also provide subsequent testing for surfaces and IAQ to assure indoor hygienic results are achieved, resulting in a safer environment for employees, staff, and visitors. For more information call (402) 570-4307 to schedule a test of your facility’s air quality.

Top Spot Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning and floor care company serving Lincoln and the surrounding areas in Nebraska. Working in both residential and commercial properties, we clean carpets, rugs, tile & grout, furniture, wood floors, stone exteriors, and more.

Our carpet and upholstery cleaner is soap-free Procyon. It does such an amazing job that when Doug tried it out 20 years ago, he got rid of all of his other solutions and stuck with Procyon. Click here to see pictures of what Procyon can do. (I have no idea what was on the carpet!)

One of our specialties is sealing wood floors, which is different that sanding and coating.  Our wood floor sealer offers permanent protection for the wood. Check out our wood floor pictures here. The difference is amazing!

Concrete is always a challenge for businesses and homeowners alike. We can repair both interior and exterior concrete corrosion. In many cases, we finish by protecting the concrete with a coating. The coating keeps salt and water from penetrating your outdoor concrete from future deterioration.

After over 20 years in the business you learn a thing or two and one major thing we’ve learned is products matter. Doug has tried many industry standard cleaning solutions over the years, many of which failed his personal quality tests. We trust the products we use so much that we sell many of them for your use.

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