Because of the nature of nature, concrete and stone outside can be filthy. Whether it’s old, poured, mixed, polished, or anything else we’d love to make it look like new for you.

The top pictures are of a stone house in Lincoln which was power washed with a mold remediator included. The first picture is a before (in case that needs stating). That was 2016. It still looks that good.

The bottom row is the entry to a restaurant. Next time you walk up to a restaurant look at cement just outsidee the door. If that was dirt from people going in, it would be trailed from the parking lot. That is dirt being tracked from inside the restaurant. That means the cleaning crew is either not doing a good job or not often enough. The third picture is after we were done. The product we used will absorb into the cement and draw out the dirt. After a cure time it can look that good. It will stay that way because the product blocks those pores from absorbing more dirt.

So if you walk up to a restaurant and see the grime being brought out, tell the manager about about the circle and about Top Spot.