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$50 Disinfecting Package
• Three gallons of Chlorine Dioxide (CL02)
• SIMIX high-Ph sanitizing product

Top Spot Cleaning & Solutions Too has announced a new chlorine dioxide (CLO2) and SIMIX disinfecting package to businesses in Lincoln and surrounding areas for only $50. The package consists of three gallons’ worth of CLO2 which is the final decontaminating step. To start with, the package includes SIMIX, which is a high-Ph sanitizing product used to remove the top layers of biofilm. A surface with a high pH continues to fight microbes and viruses. This package can easily be used by their staff in the reopening of business and for many months afterwards depending on facility size.

Top Spot Cleaning also provides to your business fogging or gassing services with CLO2. Fogging will disinfect high surfaces and with gassing, decontaminate the entire air handling system. This is for any location who feels their space may have been compromised during the covid19 outbreak.

Chlorine dioxide is a very versatile, effective decontaminating product. Not only is it completely safe to use, it is odorless. It is used for a variety of antimicrobial uses, including the disinfection of drinking water. The CLO2 helps destroy bacteria, viruses, and some types of parasites that can make people sick. Many companies use an ozone machine, however, 800 molecules of CLO2 fit into one ozone molecule. This is why CLO2 goes deeper into crevices and areas where ozone cannot. Plus, once a gassing treatment is complete, the space can be occupied instantly, whereas when using ozone, one or two days are required to build up the oxygen levels.

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The times, they are a changin’!  While Top Spot Cleaning usually promotes carpet and floor care to residential and commerical properties, amid the COVID-19 outbreak we are heavily promoting the Solutions Too side of the business. That is where we sell the products we use in our business.

We have products suited for home or business. Whether the business is a small office, a big box store, or a city bus. The names to remember are Benefect, Chlorline Dioxide, and Simix. We stock all three and we don’t price gouge!

Chlorine Dioxide: It sounds scary because of the chemical name, but this product is super safe to use. We have packets that have an extended shelf life so you can dissolve in water and spray your surfaces. It also comes in packets we can use or sell to a qualified company to gas a large space like house, motor home, or bus. The air filtration with be cleaned as well as every surface and crevice.

With chlorine in the name, it smells like a swimming pool right away and that goes away as it dries. Here is a link to great information: chlorine-dioxide-_-use-benefits-and-chemical-safety-facts

Benefect: Benefect Botanical Disinfectant is thyme-based. It smells like citrus and herb.  It has no harmful effects during normal use. Though the sds sheet does not recommend drinking it, Doug will take a small swig every time he feels an illness coming on and he never gets sick! We sell this by pint and gallon. Super cost effective.  Even California has deemed is a safe product!  benefect-disinfectant-sds-benefect  

Simix: Simix has a high pH. Microbes do not sit on it so they cannot grow.  If your surfaces are coated, they stay clean and so does the air. Of course, there is upkeep. Call us for the product or more information. Here is a link to their website.

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Top Spot Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning and floor care company serving Lincoln and the surrounding areas in Nebraska. Working in both residential and commercial properties, we clean carpets, rugs, tile & grout, furniture, window coverings, stone exteriors, and more.

Our carpet and upholstery cleaner is soap-free Procyon. It does such an amazing job that when Doug tried it out 20 years ago, he got rid of all of his other solutions and stuck with Procyon. Click here to see pictures of what Procyon can do. (I have no idea what was on the carpet!)

One of our specialties is sealing wood floors, which is different that sanding and coating.  Our wood floor sealer offers permanent protection for the wood. Check out our wood floor pictures here. The difference is amazing!

Concrete is always a challenge for businesses and homeowners alike. We can repair both interior and exterior concrete corrosion. In many cases, we finish by protecting the concrete with a coating. The coating keeps salt and water from penetrating your outdoor concrete from future deterioration.

After over 20 years in the business you learn a thing or two and one major thing we’ve learned is products matter. Doug has tried many industry standard cleaning solutions over the years, many of which failed his personal quality tests. We trust the products we use so much that we sell many of them for your use.

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